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  1. Suggest updates

    Hello! Everyone please post what kind of updates would you like to see Thanks, Kevin.
  2. server
  3. Server update 12/06/2017

    Dear Seren players! There have been several "hidden" updates which changed many things to do with NPC-s on the server. These updates allow us to make all kinds of custom features for bosses and other creatures. As an example we have coded mechancs for Tormented demons. Feel free to test them out Current Tormented demons features: 1) They switch prayers depending what attack you use on them. 2) When they "Roar" they switch attack styles. 3) They have a fire shield which protects them from 60% of the damage you do. 4) Fire shield can be disabled for 60 seconds with successful hit with holy water or darklight. This is just the start. All bosses will be revised one by one and proper mechanics added. Thanks, Kevin.
  4. General client fixes

    Hello! Thank you for posting this, but seren client is a bit different. The loader auto updates the client, when game updates, all you have to do is restart the client. If you want to keep the thread, please change everything to SerenPS instead of SpawnPK. Thanks, Kevin.
  5. Client
  6. Server update 20/10/2016

    Pushed new revision texture system! All new models are now also textured. Biggest change you can notice @ home where we now have brick walls instead of white. This update also fixed pernix cowls.
  7. Client
  8. Server update 20/10/2016

    Color issues should be fixed, someone confirm?
  9. Server updates 27/9/2016

    Hello everyone! Today I introduce you Bank Placeholders! To enable them, click on the padlock icon @ the bank. After that the items can be withdrawn, but their placeholders will stay in place so the bank stays organized. Have fun organizing your bank! Thanks, Mod Est.
  10. Server updates 22/9/2016

    Hello fellow players! Recently we have made new updates which include: H.A.M hideout cave - go Pickpocket yourself H.A.M specific clothers The cave can be accessed from the trapdoor located in house ruins between Lumbridge castle and Draynor village. You can now select up or down to go up/down from the ladders. (Example lumbridge castle middle floor). Please suggest what more updates would you like in this thread Thanks, Mod Est.
  11. Hello ;)

    Welcome! Let us know when you post videos about Seren!
  12. Server
  13. Server updates 16/7/2016

    Update: Weapon definitions have been redone Handling of weapon tab has been redone New special attack handling system Optimized Texture loading, which for me, decreased client load time from 25208 ms to 15261 ms.
  14. to quit or not to quit?

    <3 night
  15. Merry Christmas !

    Merry XMAS!
  16. im back

  17. Hello lads

  18. jagex

    Click play on the website?