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  1. Promotion 27/01/2016

    congratulationzzzz dude!
  2. Server
  3. Server Update 27/01/2016

    thanks so much feels pretty good to have you guys here and do this stuff
  4. time for a break

    hello im going to take a little break, but i will be online about 1 hour after school everyday im doing this becuse i got alot of trainings and homeworks so yeah, i'd like to say good luck to you all and good luck please do not break any rules! make sure you vote! (good for server) use ::bugreport in game to make a bug tracker!
  5. crafting guide - sinstr

    crafting! items what's required can be bought at "neitiznot south - skilling teleports" first you need needle and leather (100-200) and thread's the same amount as leather make gloves to level 7, then make leather boots to level 20 now its time to make uncut sapphire (level 20 required) then start cut uncut emerald (level 27 required) then start cut uncut ruby (level 34 required) then you cut uncut diamonds (level 43 required) uncut dragonstones can be cutted at level 55 crafting but it takes a while to get the amount you need for level 99 (about 3.000 of them) how to get them? yeah they're obtained by mining or crystal keys (the chest can be found at fishing guild, you need a skilling necklace (4) to get there and that can bought at neitiznot south well if you don't get that amount of uncut dragonstones you can cut uncut diamonds uncut diamonds give's (4.000-4.600 experience) uncut dragonstones give's (5.000-5800 experience) good luck
  6. Server
  7. Server Updates 11/01/2016

    thanks seren! feels pretty good to have you back to push updates, also its better for est, nightindale can't wait for it thank you
  8. Changes coming to Seren.

    hello seren!!! great to see that you're back on server, we really need you yeah, i know that everyone need to take a break from game, do the same work as you did is hard, so i really understand that you had to take a break, i also took a break, lt nate also took a break of a reason hope your break was fun good luck, take care my friend! also a great time now to fix stuffs, push update's
  9. Ma time out :D

    yeah as nightindale said "a bad new for the server", yeah it is but real life always goes on first hand (shool/friends/work) i know i know, that's too important to skip, you're 100% welcome back to the server we're just waiting for you, take your time and see so all important things is complete see you on skype good luck and take care my friend! we all miss you from the server! <3
  10. woodcutting guide.

    hello, this is how i got my 99 woodcutting so easy! step by step. 1.first i bought a iron hatchet at "neitiznot South". then i Went to seer's village, i teleported to camelot and ran west for the fastest way to get there. 2. then cut normal tree's there then i cutted tree's there up to level 41 to use a rune hatchet then up to 45 to cut maple tree's. 3. then i got up to level 61 to use a "inferno adze" becuse when you use that one it will burn some of the logs you get by cutting tree's. 4. then cut these maple's up to level 75 then go to "neitznot South" and buy some skills necklace's buy a few of them (about 7) if you are a donor or buy 20-25 of them and cut magic tree's if you are normal player (no donor). then if you are a donor go to varrock and North east, teleport to dzone by the thing near the castle there thats the teleport to (old dzone)... ok now if you're there cut the cursed magic logs at level 85 woodcutting. 8400 experience per each log on double experience and 4200 on normal experience. neitiznot South can be found in skilling teleports.
  11. leaving for a while.

    hello guys! im leaving this game for a while. i really need to take a break from games. becuse i got a Life to take care with, playing alot of sports, got school "much homeworks". so yeah guys thats the reason why i wont be online for a while. i will might be on on forums sometimes, but i don't know if i am going to visit you guys under the time. so yeah guys good luck to you all, take care & have fun.
  12. for new peoples!

    hello there. want to make some Money? oh yeah! ok first you got to train (i would recommend to train at rock crabs) dropping granite mauls. get about level 80 in all combat stats. then you can go godwars dungeon. i would recommend to start kill the bandos minions for a bandos set. then you can do other bosses. then start sell/buy items. skill some. good luck have fun on game!