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  1. Forums seem dead.

    Were always dead.
  2. Server Updates 20/07/2015

    Looks good Dave, good updates.
  3. Recent Inactivity

    Dear Community, Recently I have been absent from anything pertaining to Seren, and I'm making this thread to apologize. I've worked Wednesday, and Today from 5-10 (-5 GMT). I have also been inactive as I have been tending to my late grandfather's chores. I hope to see many of you in-game starting soon, I hope you all are enjoying the game! Sincerely, Mod Dash
  4. lover

    Welcome to Seren, Lover.
  5. Gorn1120

    I've met you in game, glad to see you've registered. Welcome to Seren, Gorn!
  6. Dear Seren Community, I am one of the two Community Managers, as well as the Website Developer. I was thinking about updates to add but nothing came to my mind and I was wondering what the people who make Seren what it is today, the community. Our list of features already included Bugtracker Highscores Shoutbox Forums Homepage As well as the basics of what our forums consist of (boards, etc) So suggest, but please do not suggest things we already have. I appreciate it, along with the rest of the Administration. Kindest Regards, Mod Dash
  7. Ranger

    Welcome to Seren, Ranger. I hope to see you around the community, and remember if you have any types of issues/questions please private message myself or another staff member.
  8. Dear Seren Community, Mod Zaros & I have decided to set up an event. That event will give the first person to gain the Completionist Cape*, 5 mystery boxes or 1,200 donator points that will be used all at once if you do not have a donator rank. Above is a mystery box that you may have seen throughout other communities, and ours is just the same as the others. I purchased 5 mystery boxes and my result was below. I received two 500 maple logs, a rune full helmet, 10k fire runes and 250 big bones. Please post proof below if you've completed the tab! *For those who do not know, a completionist cape by achieving all of the achievements in the achievement tab. We wish you the best of luck, Seren Administration.
  9. Website Updates

    I understand what you were getting at now, I like that idea.
  10. Website Updates

    What do you mean the in-game button, these are forum updates. I'm assuming you mean the little red button on the client? If so that's up to the content developers.
  11. Sup niggas

    Welcome to SerenPS, Jay. I hope to see you around the community and I hope you positively impact the surrounding environment.
  12. Website Updates

    A lot of work ahead of us.
  13. Cheers

    ayy lmao test