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  1. Seren

    I honestly don't expect people to post anything on the forums anymore, so I apologize for the late response.
  2. Seren

    I've been trying to figure that out for a while now; however, I've had no luck getting any kind of information in regards to future plans or updates. I hope we don't remain in our current state because I do miss when things were a little more active.
  3. All i ever wanted.

    Ayyy. Long time no see! I've been good, but the server hasn't. Shady's back?
  4. hey im tyler

    Hopefully, with time, we'll be able to get players back to us.
  5. Let's play a game..

    It's hard to believe my pet beaver didn't give a dam.
  6. Demotion 04/03/2017

    It was nice having you around as support, @Awes
  7. New Players Guide

    Good work as usual! Keep it up.
  8. dev server
  9. Server update 26/02/2017

    Great work as usual, @Mod Est. Excited to see what's to come!
  10. skin
  11. Forums - New look

    I'm enjoying it.
  12. 1-99 Fletching Guide

    Pumping out the guides I've noticed, good work.
  13. Promotion/demotion 08/02/2017

    Best of luck.
  14. Server and Client
  15. Server update 03/02/2017

    Looking forward to seeing more.
  16. happybadger

    Nice to see someone not caught up on the small size of our community.
  17. Server and Client
  18. Server Update 12/29/2016

    Mod Est has been hard at work! The following things have been done on the server: Familiar inventory is now functional. 0 coin bug has been fixed. Morrigan's throwing axe should now be thrown as intended. Toy kite is fully functional. No more snow (Christmas is over!) Development server option added to client settings upon logging in (Anyone can join!) Expect to see more updates!
  19. Promotion 26/12/2016

    Best of luck, Obey.