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  1. Server
  2. Server update 18/04/2016

    How come mod est doesn't post update threads and good little updates !
  3. Promotion 12/04/2016

    Nice man
  4. Server
  5. Server update 06/04/2016

    Oh sweet like the updates
  6. Farewell

    Later man hope you stop in and say hi
  7. Server
  8. Server update 01/04/2016

    Sweet updates short and sweet
  9. Hey Everyone

    Cool man I may see you on when ever I hope on
  10. Demotion 30/03/2016

    Bummer man hope to see you on
  11. Demotion 28/03/2016

    Bummer man
  12. hi guys

    Welcome to the server
  13. Promotion 25/03/2016

    Way to go
  14. I love it.

    I didn't enjoy it when we had no players
  15. Lets get real here

    This is very true and the server won't last if it isn't fixed or we get a new dev that is going to do something as this is why I don't play much anymore
  16. So, I took an average...

    That's good it would be higher if we had more updates a week or larger updates
  17. Promotion/Demotion 16/03/2016

    Way to go buddy
  18. Server
  19. Server update 15/03/2016

    Good work