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  1. Seren "2.0"

    Dear Players, Hello, long time no see, I hope everyone is doing fine! This thread is based on my personal opinions & assumptions through it, these opinions & assumptions are my own and do not represent that of the staff team, please bare in mind a lot of this is based off what I remember from when I left, if I state something that is wrong or has been updated feel free to tell me so. When we first started Graardor (which is now Seren), in March 2013 which was initially started by Mod Kit & I we had the intentions to create a familiar feeling RuneScape Private Server, when we approached Mod Est and changed our name to Seren and scrapped our from scratch server & we went for a more unique style of server, this was my choice and I feel as if it was the wrong choice to make. I can only apologize for that sincerely. Before I left Seren the second time, majority of my code was sloppy & untested for reasons that are irrelevant now, looking back at it, I was just being petty and childish, there was still a lot of aspects of the game that needed to be addressed, from the top of my head, these are what I remember: Combat as a whole, even now whilst doing some testing the combat still feels a bit "meh" although I'm aware NPC's now have proper combat scripts that isn't where the issue lays, it's delayed hits, animations etc, etc. The home location, I remember we went through atleast 4 homes when I was here last, and that's silly of me because I wanted a more "unique feel" and blanked the communities ideas. The daily task system I could go on for hours about how silly I wrote this, I'm not sure how it looks now, but it isn't ideal, I know how I would address this now. The rewards for some tasks were either OP or not worth your time. The achievement system This was new and cool back then, but looking back at it, it's honestly awful with RNG based achievements and not even a lot of achievements at that, repetitive and boring. Skills A lot of the skills were repetitive even though we could easily the mapdata and the have the knowledge to expand them accordingly, to make them less of a grind, these skills as far as I remember. Some skills were way too fast and some were way too slow. Majority of skills did not yield decent rewards to make them worth doing. The list can go on for hours, and there's no-one to blame apart from myself and my naive attitude and focus, I left Mod Est to do this on his own, that wasn't fair on anybody. So here's the list of changes that I'm proposing to everyone, feedback can be posted here and will be taken into account strongly, I want to give old players a reason to play again and new players a reason to play. Modernization & Expansions A fresh new look and feel of the client: New login screen [WIP] Introduce HD Textures Update the particle effects. Introduce a new array of resources, weapons, armours & jewelry. Inroduce a new array of NPC's, both from Oldschool & Pre-EOC. Changing the overall game play feel: New Home New Shops & Shop changes Make use of maps that aren't currently in use Introduce new maps. New teleport locations Expanding onto Skills, here's a few examples Barbarian Fishing Advanced Agility Courses Jadinko Lair (Hunter & Herblore) New Minigames Warrior's Guild Pest Control Introduce Medium & Veteran boats for more points (Double for Medium, Triple for Veteran) Desert Treasure miniquest (same as the books) Curse Prayer Miniquest (same as the books) Overall, create a more familiar game play so new players don't feel alienated by the outdated game that Seren currently is, and so our older players don't feel as if the game is stale, I know what we need to do, but we need to do this both as a team & a community, I have plenty of ideas, but these are just a few that I can name off the top of my head. Thanks for reading, Seren Administration Team.
  2. Server
  3. Server Updates 11/01/2016

    The following bug patches have been added to the server. Effigies have received a re-write. The broken Runite Ore in the wilderness near the King Black Dragon's cave, can now be mined. When smithing, the correct amount of Bolts, Dart Tips, Nails, Arrow tips & Knives will be smithed. A typo with GWD "adminire" instead of "admire" A string of text that previously said "You need 20 XXX Kill count to enter this room" should of been "You need 10 XXX Kill Count to enter this room". Fixed a bug patch with boosting your KC due to a mathematical error. Ignatus Vulcan was removed from Edgeville a while ago and was hidden away on Entrana, he's now replaced Santa near the Docks of the Entrana. The following; Battle-Mage (Zamorak), Battle-Mage (Saradomin), Battle-Mage (Guthix) were supposed to drop Infinity Bottoms, they did not and this has been corrected. Crafting 1 Gem completed your Daily Task, has now been corrected, you will now have to craft all 100 Gems. Sled's from the 2015 Christmas Event are now untradeable. Previously if you lit a fire, it would spawn where you were going to walk, this has been patched, you can now light fires in a straight line. Santa has finally left Seren, until next Christmas! present's have stopped dropping, oppening them now will give you a lump of charcoal!
  4. Changes coming to Seren.

    You still have plenty of time to Prestige.
  5. Changes coming to Seren.

    Bingo, unless you've already prestiged.
  6. Changes coming to Seren.

    No stats would be lost, in either of these methods, however the current EXP rates would remain for all normal players, you just wouldn't get the advantages that the slower training game modes would gain or the disadvantages of the faster levellers, you'd be neutral.
  7. Changes coming to Seren.

    Salut, Nightindale! la pause a fait que je voulais à, je fait un peu plus d'argent pour Noël, eu le temps de penser à l'avenir du jeu et de son intégrité. Son génial d'être de retour.
  8. Hey guys, It's been a while, firstly, I'd like to announce, that I will be coming back to Seren, starting ASAP. Firstly, I'd like to tell you about the changes, I intend in making. After a while away from the server, I've come to realize, that nobody likes a realistic eco, I've already failed on delivering you (the players) that, so this is how things are going to go down, If you currently hold a Rare, Godwars Equipment or PvP Armour, expect the prices to rapidly increase, there's too many of these items in the game to deal with appropriately, so we're going to have to deal with the current state of the economy instead of adding item sinks, so, I'll be adding multiple ways to adding gold into the game, Skilling & PvM more specifically. The game was designed to be "grindy", this is not what new players want, understandably, older players want this, to combat this, there will be a poll on either EXP Rates to be adjusted or Game Modes to be added to the game. During my inactivity, I've had a lot of thinking in regards of Seren, the current state of Seren isn't how I or Mod Kit ever intended it to be, and I plan on making it how we intended it to be, enjoyable for all kind of players, so to combat this, I do feel Game Modes will probably win, however, it might not, now let's talk about Combat. Drastic changes to combat are going to happen, which is good and have been needed for a long time, my minor edits/bug fixes previously were supposed to be a little something to keep players happy, wasn't intended to stay like this for a long period of time. In terms of Seren's Client, Website it's atrocious, our reputation is shot, I'm just being brutally honest, as arrogant as I sound, I was going to be starting my own RSPS however, I did say to myself, that Seren would be the last RSPS I help run. As a side note, Seren will not be my main priority, it's spot will be shared equally between Seren and another Server I have been working for, meaning my time will be split 4 or more hours per a day on each server.
  9. My resignation

    Hello guys, Yes, I'm still alive. I'd just like to announce my resignation from Lead Developer / Owner, I might be back after Christmas, but as of now, I'm resigning from my role, I haven't been overly active within the last 3 weeks and the only reason why I've stayed for the last couple of months is for Mod Est and Mod Ruby, I've been burnt out for months and I just seem to lack motivation with Seren only. I'm not going to go into details about why, Mod Est, Mod Kit and Mod Ruby are fully aware and they have my permission to post it on my behalf, if they feel the need to. But I will say this, when you spend a year and 5 months working on a server, for your ideas and work to be trashed on by your own colleagues, people I would trust my life with, it hurts. Moving on, it's Christmas time, I'm as stressed as anybody else, I'm working for multiple RSPS just so I could afford gifts and travel fair, my anxiety (which I've not suffered from in over 5 years) decided to go into over-drive days ago, lack of sleep, consistently feeling full, so I haven't been hungry. Mod Est, Mod Kit and Mod Ruby are the reasons why I've never properly resigned and still is the reason why I'll be back in the future on the other hand I might not, but I've been scared of losing their friendships, I lost hope and motivation some while ago, when I saw how things were panning out, put on a smile and continued to work on Seren, inside it was killing me. I appreciate everyone and can't thank any of you, for the amount of good times I've had on Seren, as I said, I may come back in a couple of weeks, I just need to find my motivation and soft spot, without Seren being at the back of my mind. I'm sorry for those who I may have upset or made mad in the past. P.S It's never like I stopped caring about Seren, I've put it before everything, I could within reason, I won't ever stop, but I'd rather resign, then be an dormant developer. and to those who think I stayed for the pay, most of the work any of us did was free.
  10. Christmas Event

    Yesterday I released an update I forgot to post on the forums. When killing NPC's, you have a slight chance of receiving an Present, you will 100% get an Present when completing Daily Tasks, it will go to your inventory (assuming you have enough free space), if you do not, it will send your present to the bank. Present drop rates NPC's combat levels between 50-119:1/64 NPC's combat levels between 120-249:1/48 NPC's combat levels over 250+1/32 If a monsters conbat level is below 50, it will not drop a present. Additional Infoirmation: Donators have more of a chance to receive an Present as a drop If you're wearing an Ring of Wealth, you have more of a change to recieve a Present then donators do These drop boosts DO NOT stack. Items obtainable through presents: Mega Rare (1/600): Black Santa Hat Black Party Hat Gold Party Hat Rare (1/300): Blue Partyhat Red Partyhat Green Partyhat Yellow Partyhat White Partyhat Purple Partyhat Uncomon (1/100): Santa Hat Glaiven Boots Ragefire Boots Steadfast Boots Barrows Dharok's Set Barrows Karil's Set Barrows Ahrim's Set Uncut Onyx Rune Full Helm Rune Platebody Rune Platelegs Rune Plateskirt Rune Kiteshield 25 x Grimy Ranarr (noted) 25 x Grimy Toadflax (noted) 25 x Grimy Snapdragon (noted) 25 x Grimy Toadstol (noted) Ancient Staff Berserker Helm Archer Helm Farseer Helm Warrior Helm 100 x Green D'hide Leather (noted) 100 x Blue D'hide Leather (noted) 100 x Red D'hide Leather (noted) 100 x Green D'hide Leather (noted) Challenge Scroll Common: 100 x Coal (noted) 20 x Runite Ore (noted) 30 x Adamantte Ore (noted) Crystal Key 60 x Uncut Sapphire (noted) 60 x Uncut Emerald (noted) 20 x Frost Dragon Bones (noted) Ring of Slaying (8) 50-100 x Raw Rocktail (noted) 50 x Raw Shark (noted) 50 x Raw Monkfish (noted) 100 x Yew Logs (noted) 1000 - 1500 Air, Fire, Water or Earth Rune. 400 x Chaos Rune 125, 250 x Death Runes 125, 250 x Blood Runes 500 x Rune Essence (noted) 500 x Pure Essence (noted) Ring of Wealth Amulet of Glory (4) On the week-ends (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) starting next week-end, you will be able to claim 5 Presents a day from Santa.
  11. Server
  12. Server Updates 07/12/2015

    The following bug has been patched; When using an ore on a furnace, you should no longer receive the message "You need 50 Smithing to smelts an Perfect' Gold Bar". The following update has occured. Run Energy should now restore, previously your Run Energy didn't decrease if you were 99 Agility, this has not been altered and the code missing to restore energy has been written and added to the live game.
  13. Server
  14. Bug Patches 05/12/2015

    The following bugs have been patched: Fletch 100 (or) 200 Longbows or Shortbows (Daily Task and Prestiged Daily Task) Craft 100 (or) 200 Gems (Daily Task and Prestiged Daily Task) The 'Ourg Bones' dropped by General Graardor can now be buried for 12,000 Experience or used at an altar for 24,000 Experience. When filling/removing Rune Essence from your Medium or Large RuneCrafting Pouch, it should now correctly replace your old pouch, instead of leaving it there and adding a new decayed pouch to your inventory. When you've planted an Wood Tree you should no longer get the "Final Delay: XXX times" Message. Mod Est has also patched the bug regarding some mobs not respawning or becoming unattackable.
  15. Server
  16. Server Updates 04/12/2015

    Updates and Tweaks: Bandos Godswords special attack now only requires 65% special attack. Zamorakian Godsword special attack now only requires 50% special attack. When using the special attack on any coloured Vine Whip, including non-coloured version, you will poison your opponent, at a 100% rate. Bug Patches: Armadyl Crossbow special attack should now work correctly, previously it would give you the message "This special is unavailable at the moment" this has been corrected. When cutting gems for an Daily Task, your progress from your previous task should be reset. When using the Alotment for crops such as Tomato's or Watermelon's, you should no longer not 'do anything', previously this action was being cancelled by another task. The Dark Bow special is now available and has been re-written, supporting all coloured bows aswell. When dismissing a familiar in the wilderness, the items will no longer appear as just yours, they will appear for everybody, without a timer.
  17. Server
  18. Server Updates 03/12/2015

    Tweaks: You can now ground Blue Dragon Scales into Dragon Scale Dust to make Anti-Fire potions if needed. Commander Zilyana's drop table has been updated to include the Armadyl Crossbow, at a 1/512 chance, as K'ril Tsusnoroth's has been updated to drop it at a rate of 1/256. An small obelisk has been added back to Entrana. Ignatious Vulcan has been relocated from Edgeville to Neitiznot North, by the Rune Rocks and Arctic Pine tree's. Up until the 20th of this month, completing an Daily Task will reward you an cosmetic item, after the 20th, the rewards will be updated. Bug Fixes: The yell command has been patched and is now usable once again, you cannot use yell if you're muted or if you have 'Global Chat' disabled. When clearing an Farming patch, your action should no longer be cancelled after retrieving one weed. Starlight and Bree should no longer walk out of the Saradomin's Chamber located in Godwars Dungeon When killing Nex on your daily task, it should now complete the task.
  19. Lost Items

    We're aware of the recent disconnections, which have now been patched. You were warned not to do any dangerous activities, these included high tier PvM, activities in the wilderness or dangerous minigames. We are unable to refund any lost Items due to the disconnections or any other reasons, despite what a Player Moderator has told you, I'm telling you this on the behalf of the Administrative Team, we will no longer refund lost items. Which brings me to the next thing, as Mod Ruby has previously posted, The Gambler you are gambling at your own risk, if you're too greedy, or don't quit while your ahead or stop gambling after your first loss, we are not responsible for your lost items, to those questioning whether the Gambler is really fair, here's the code from the live game: public static void startDiceDuel(Player player) { int MOB_ROLL = Utils.random(1, 100); int PLAYER_ROLL = Utils.random(1, 100); if (PLAYER_ROLL > MOB_ROLL) { handleReward(player); } else { player.sendMessage("Sorry, you have lost, the Gambler has rolled " + MOB_ROLL + " and you rolled " + PLAYER_ROLL + "."); } }
  20. Server
  21. Tweaks 27/11/2015

    Once your chaotics have broken next, they and have been repaired, they will have 10,000 charges, rather than 2,000. Some typo's have been patched, with various other bugs, some of them include Rogue Trousers equipping into the wrong slot Adjustment of Mystic Robes and Uncut Diamonds Ruby Prices increased The amount of charms dropped by Slayer mobs