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  1. All i ever wanted.

    what u think and facts always seem to be different
  2. All i ever wanted.

    ur not a vet doe?
  3. Ab's Introduction

    can i get a link so i can fill out an application
  4. Achievements shop

    varrock body 4 does work
  5. skin
  6. Forums - New look

    damn cant change ur vote around
  7. 1-99 Crafting Guide

    another killer guide gj
  8. 1-99 Hunter Guide

    u can tele to yanile with the city tele btw
  9. Promotion 26/12/2016

  10. Demotion 04/12/2016

    ^ ur still here doe =)
  11. Server
  12. Server updates 16/7/2016

    update the tank
  13. Happy brithday night

    title every1 wish him a happy b day
  14. Server
  15. Server update 20/05/2016

    they back agressive? does that mean only their backs are mad?
  16. Lets get real here

    **** is getting old no new bosses (broken zulrah doesnt count) no new items no new quest/achivments theres nothin to fuckin do anymore people max/comp then quit/afk every1 knows this **** is getting boring but no1 says anything about it est wants to fix the problems before working on new things but thats kinda leaving us in the hole with nothin to do n **** needs to change reason im sayin this is we need to show est this **** cant be done alone we need 2 devs 1 to make new **** so people dont get bored of the old **** n est can keep working on fixing the **** thats broke other then that shits gonna die thats it
  17. Bye!:(

    as i said check the chat logs thats not half the **** u said to me l0l
  18. Bye!:(

    u dont protect **** l00l go check the chat logs l00000000000000000l