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    i love runescape because it leads me to a very interesting adventure.
  1. good bye mates :(

    Hey guys, unfortunately this will be my last ever thread i'll be posting. Due to the fact that i have studies and i'm getting bored in this server, i'm deciding to quit serenps. I know this is a mad decision but it has been taking my time through studies, but i will miss my most closest friends : Leaf stoner adam yoga and of course nightndale. good bye guys
  2. Happy brithday night

    happy bday night!!!!!!
  3. Amcha is back

    we are but where are you?
  4. Server
  5. Server update 20/05/2016

    woow finally pets! im now on my hunt! ty you guys!
  6. Weekly Community Events!

    this is a brilliant idea !
  7. I'm back :)

    why are you back????? joke lolz welcome back lad hope to see you too. <3
  8. Server
  9. Server update 07/05/2016

    wooow thanks you guys you have been doing a lot of work! this will deffinatly draw more players to join seren!
  10. Promotions/demotions 05/05/2016

    gz no name you do deserve it man
  11. Just a little update on me

    Hope to see you again buddy your a very good helping hand aswell mate
  12. Promotion 17/04/2016

    gz wrighty ik i replied very late but just so you know im studying so can't be active much
  13. A vote once and for all

    Hey guys and welcome to my topic. today i want to talk to you guys and ask you...... am i doing enough helping-support to you player's, and if no could you reply to me immediatly and tell me how to improve. All this hardwork of mine i've been trying to put in is to try and get promoted. I do know promotion's should not be asked for what so ever but earned by loyalty-support-respect. If i do deserve a promotion with your truthfull answer please reply and if not say no. I will not be aragont over any true answer's. thanks @@--------pk3d by [email protected]@
  14. Promotion 25/03/2016

    gratz bro!
  15. [Extroisey Intro]

    ello lad ! im british aswell :3
  16. Change is great...

    yes ikr this server is really growing each day haha thanks to mod est and nightindale and all the community staffs for there hard work
  17. Promotion/demotion 11/03/2016

    gz buddy