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  1. server
  2. Server update 19/06/2017

    alright, thanks
  3. server
  4. Server update 19/06/2017

    also, what are the dark energy cores?
  5. server
  6. Server update 19/06/2017

    YAY!!! Updates!! the shop tool thing.. does that mean that u can edit new items into the achievement/voting shops?
  7. server
  8. Server update 12/06/2017

    Nice going. i knew there was something getting updated. Thanks
  9. Achievements shop

    When using the bone crusher. do i have to equip it and kill the enemy with it or can it just lay in my inventory while i kill it with a normal weapon.
  10. Client
  11. Server update 15/02/2017

    about time. no wonder u took a while answering some of my questions. u were working hard, Goodjob
  12. Promotion/demotion 08/02/2017

    that message almost came out of my screen 0_0
  13. cant wait until est is done with the dev server. :D

  14. Server and Client
  15. Server Update 12/29/2016

    christmass might be over but the message (happy holidays!) is still in the game when u log on. lol
  16. Haloween/christmass events

    Me and Alltoofallen were talking about if we are going to have any christmass or halloween events. so our question is, Will we have a christmass or halloween event or not? If we are going to have the event(s) then thats great news. but if we dont, then i dont know, i suppose we just have to accept it. if you guys have work and stuff and dont have time to do so then, just dont, Thank you. i just realized i mispelled halloween... you didnt see anything... Nothing... ‚ÄčNothing...
  17. Promotions/demotions 16/10/2016

    thanks alot nighty and u to awes Zex Out
  18. i havent seen any moderators/admins online for a while.