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  1. Farewell

    First of all, I would like to thank the great community of Seren for making my game play on here such an enjoyment. I know I don't post much here on forums but felt necessary because it seems like you guys were a second family on here to me. I know a great number of friendships were built on here for me and I am glad to have had the opportunity to interact with you all in game. I know my gameplay on here was short as I've only started last month but feels like I've been on here for such a long time. I just felt that this was taking a big chunk of my time in reality. It's sad for me to leave but I hope those of you who are still continuing to play a good luck and may you guys succeed way further than what I was able to achieve during my time here. I wish the rest of you guys will continue to grow the server and hopefully if or when I do come back, I will see how far this server has gone. Again, thank you guys for making it an exciting journey for me while I was here. Farewell Community of Seren!!!