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  1. bye i guess

    Well ive been playing for about a month and theres alot that i noticed about the community like unstable economy its always changing or like 3-4 people run it and change prices and try getting the most out of an item because no one else knows the worth of things. Theres also conflict between players which is normal for this type of game. Dont get me wrong or anything its a great server in general theres just only the rich people who play no one buys anything there is no solid market of getting items so there is no hype at all when getting a drop at a boss. awesome people i met: Ghost - Awesome and chill person we have talked alot lol Night - Very very chill person and does a great job on this server kingkardz - we have talked a few times and you are pretty chill calebb - you my buddy very chill and VERY helpful (Gratz on rank bby) Ten - cool person helped me with my 99 mining adventure Snif - Super chill person really the first person besides ghost i talked to wrighty - Helped me when i first joined really the only reason i got where i was in the game right now so a big thanks to you and you are fun to talk to lurking - cool person to talk to koolkat
  2. Promotions 05/03/2016

    congrats to you all