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    I like playing games,such as Runescape. :D I like also Football,and random sports.
  1. I love it.

    Perfect job mate. I love it
  2. Sorry everybody!

    Nah,im already in the game,but cant talk..
  3. Sorry everybody!

    Sorry people for being such a **** in this server...Well,while im muted,i have changed,and i wont talk **** again. Ajm and Nerd,sorry you too for bein such a **** for ya 2 guys..And sorry all servers...And for Mods too,for ruining theyr moods and so on...U can dont ever talk with me again,ill understand it Good luck everyone!. And sorry mates.
  4. Lets get real here

    lol..im with it actually...btw,whats the reason that u dont have another dev?
  5. Bye!:(

    Look at him,hes so disrespectful..and u still leave him there? wow.
  6. Bye!:(

    Bye server...I quitted bcus people started calling me a mod cocksucker just bcus i got 3gs from Ruby...the guy Ajm and his friends... Its hard to leave but i cant live there anymore.