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  1. Amcha is back

    What's up? My PC was fucked up, but Today when I started it, Idk how, but it was fixed, so I'm back! If it happens again and makes my PC die, I'll let you guys know again, but let's hope not. I hope you guys are active on seren.
  2. I might quit.

    Who am I kidding? Can't leave Seren ever anytime soon, that's like all I do every night, even though it's boring at some points, I just can't, I'm addicted tbh.
  3. I might quit.

    Honestly I feel like quitting. People join and play for a month or two and have billions. Me? I've been playing for 10 months and haven't even reached 2b in cash yet. Everyone is rich, stays at home or afks at home. That's seren to me. Nobody is active. Nobody notice me when I help new players. You can't sell items because everyone has the items already. I'm sick of it. Just hard to leave the community and people will think of me as a betraying asshole. Just sick of coming to seren, seeing people at home with rares or just afk. Don't tell me not to quit, because I've got no reason to stay.