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  1. Come all!  Dice for the best odds ever! 50x2, 75x3, [email protected]

  2. Let's play a game..

    Stars are cool. But hot at the same time... yoo....like whattt..
  3. Let's play a game..

  4. Let's play a game..

    Who saw the white rabbit? I tried to catch it. Will someone help me please?
  5. Let's play a game..

    (This does not count) Oranges are orange. Don't you think so? (This is where someone else would respond in the next comment with "It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A". Understand?) Everything from here on counts. Don't mess up Nighty and Blitz. cx You both would have failed. Resume play!
  6. Let's play a game..

    I'm going to start this off. Let's us begin! Here is how this is going to go.... I'm going to make a statement, and the next person to comment has to write simply 1 sentence completely disregarding the person before them.
  7. Suggest updates

    I am will to help with any project, and fixes that you may have. I may let you use my knowledge, as well as skills needed for structure development. Feel free at any time to ask me a question about anything. This goes for anyone! : D
  8. Elmo, yo!

    Wassup! I know this is LATE AF. but here it is............... ELMORES INTRODUCTION I'm Elmore. 21 y/o from USA. You can call me E, El, Elmo, Ej, my homie, ay yo dog, ect.. I'm pretty chill and laid back most of the time unless you start messing with my emotions. Don't do that.. I'm a widespread computer programmer. I know mostly Java, but some website development skills (Necessary for running most business's and shops nowadays, anyways). I started playing Runescape back in the months right before summoning came about, and until this day I still try to play. I play Deadman, and OsRs often. I'm will to give things to people that play, for I do not play much anymore, and really would enjoy this more. I've been banned on some accounts and others were hacked. But hey, you live and you learn. I do parkour when needed. Which is most of the time when I am in an area where I am allowed to do things of that nature and not completely have to worry about being arrested. xD.. I'm on pretty much everyday, if not everyday. So, if you're trying to play on here, let's go, cause I'm trying to get this community back started again! Heck, I'll even do a drop party soon! Hit me up people, thanks for reading ;p
  9. Suggest updates

    Shops need fixing, range goes in for melee, cx Just the bugs that you know about already. I'd enjoy helping develop the server if needed. I just want to see it get up and smooth again. I'm ready to see a great community build back to what it could be!