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  1. Skilling Calculator / Assistance Tool

    Wow, wish this was out back when I was training my Summoning. Good job on this, though! It will help those who need it.
  2. server & client
  3. Server update 01/03/2017

    Nice set of updates!
  4. Demotion 04/03/2017

    Not going anywhere.
  5. Server and Client
  6. Server update 06/02/2017

    Although I never really use the development server, I used it because of this update. Cool to spawn whatever you want. Awes~
  7. Client
  8. Server update 15/02/2017

    This is pretty damn cool! Looking forward to this. Awes~
  9. Promotion 26/12/2016

  10. Demotion 04/12/2016

    Such staff abuse.
  11. Client
  12. Server update 20/10/2016

    Awesome! But some items have lost their colours. Some mentionable examples are the Fire Cape losing its orange-y colour. It's really dim now. Also the trimmed defence cape has a pink trim instead of a white trim. But great update, nevertheless. I knew there was something different when I logged on. ~Awes.
  13. Promotions/demotions 16/10/2016

    Congratulations to the newly-promoted!
  14. Server
  15. Server update 28/08/2016

    Very nice small bunch of updates. Awes~
  16. Promotion 26/08/2016

    Thank you! Awes~
  17. Promotion 26/08/2016

    Thank you everyone! I will try my best to help around as much as I can. Awes~
  18. Server update 09/08/2016

    Pretty nice. Something a Skiller will be on the lookout for. ;] Nice job, Est. Awes~