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  1. Let's play a game..

    Are you afraid of death?
  2. Let's play a game..

    I don't get the game xD
  3. Elmo, yo!

    I've always been fascinated by pro parkour, but never had the possibility to do some. Glad to finally know a little more about you!
  4. Suggest updates

    We are aware of all the bugs in game. I work 6 days on 7, so I will try Sunday to fix the big shops (range, mage, melee, etc)
  5. Hi mate it's Meo I have recently got back into things but I have forgot my password lol. Anyway of getting it back?

  6. server
  7. Server update 19/06/2017

    Yes, I just need a few things fixed by Mod Est to fully use it. You should check RuneScape Wiki
  8. server
  9. Server update 19/06/2017

    Dark energy cores have been added to the Corporeal Beast mech! As their addition made Corporeal Beast harder, we increased the drop rate of the sigils. With the recently coded Shop tool, we will now be able to edit the shops and create new ones!
  10. Achievements shop

    You can't equip the bonecrusher.
  11. Why no response?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Zach


      Anyway I could contact him personally?

    3. Zach


      Thank you for the responses. 

    4. Mod Nighty

      Mod Nighty

      I can tell you two ways to contact Mod Est:

  12. Ab's Introduction

    Ajm ^.^ Welcome on our forums Ab! Be sure to join our Discord chat server (link on homepage and forums). See you in game!
  13. Skilling Calculator / Assistance Tool

    Mhm I like it. If you need any help regarding rates or items, let me know, in game or on Discord!
  14. Achievements shop

    ACHIEVEMENTS Achievements are some kind of game play tasks. All players have the same list. There are 95 achievements, divided in four levels: 24 easy 22 medium 24 hard 25 elite Completing achievements will reward you a specific amount of points. Points can also be given after completing daily tasks. Where to spend my points? There is one achievement shop, accessible by trading the NPC Sir Amik Varze: Sir Amik Varze is walking around at the West of Entrana (::home), but he also has a twin at Edgeville: What is it really worth buying? Bonecrusher is a must to have when doing PvM, as it will automatically bury looted bones. - 60 points New crystal shield gives higher defence bonus than a basic spirit shield. - 65 points New crystal bow is as good as a magical bow, the difference being that it doesn't use any arrows. - 65 points Magic secateurs increase the chances of receiving more herbs. - 45 points Pets only give affection to lonely players. - 60 80 85 points All the other items don't have their bonus yet.
  15. Demotion 04/03/2017

    @Awes has resigned from his Server Support position. He will continue to stay active on our Discord server.
  16. server & client
  17. Server update 01/03/2017

    Latest update on the server by @Mod Est: Slayer bug has been fixed! Into Seren Details, you wont need anymore to relog to update the points count. Tanner into the West bank of Varock is now working properly. Autocasting has been recoded. Concerning mobs: Glacors drop table has been updated by @Alltoofallen. Bork drop table has been edited too, drops are a bit easier now.
  18. New Players Guide

    Excellent! A few suggestions: - Remove the pure shop, there's nothing really used in - Remove the medium/high dungeon as the low dungeon will push them to 70+, and then directly make players go to Bork, as it only require basic stuff (runs set, d scimmi) - The low dungeon is also accessible via ::train command. I will add a few men/women, rock crabs can be hard to start.