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  1. Promotion/Demotion 03/08/2016

    thats decent gg alto
  2. Promotions/demotions 12/06/2016

    grazz wrighty
  3. good bye mates :(

    not sure about that my friend
  4. Promotion 17/04/2016

  5. chill!

    its happen man people quit ,people join ...
  6. I might quit.

    same as wrighty i hope u cameback homie nd i wish you the best god bless you my friend
  7. Promotion 12/04/2016

    my words haha haha gratzz man
  8. Server
  9. Server update 06/04/2016

    lovely update finally i can have more things and the bank
  10. sorry guys

    i just to tell you guys why i was not online anymore,I feel bad for you guys to be silent but threw unable , but i got some problem in life in a try to hurt me .. somebody see me and my bed and call 911 i go to hospital for 3 weeks and i was thinking why i come to this ... i don't no , i was can't play because i try to finish with all of my trouble now i feel good guys , you all miss me , and i comeback because you guys like my family and i don't wont to leave you guys or the beautiful game we have sorry for my English i'm little bit tired but i just want to said i love you all , all the people on the games , Seren sorry to not tell you anything maybe you will help me before i hurts me ... but i'm ready to play and be here for all people.
  11. Resigning/Quitting

    damm you was one of my good friend i pray for you be have better situation , im so sad you left but you have preoccupation, im gonna miss you alot , you was a good player i will never forgot you , you was a good staff , i hope i will see you in the future take care my friend and good luck <3
  12. My Situation

    ohh good luck i hope the best for u man u deserve it
  13. help the sever to be the #1

  14. help the supper to be the #1