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  1. Seren

    forget about updates lol the only update i want to see is all of the players coming back.
  2. All i ever wanted.

    i think at this point everyone who actually use to play is a vet at this point lol.
  3. All i ever wanted.

    IS A VET RANK ON FORUMS PLS ps. how has everyone been? and guess whos back?
  4. Suggest updates

    Custom zombies mode plox fight off as many zombies as you can, new different prizes. More people.
  5. Hello

  6. chill!

    i better not see anymore post or hear about anyone else quitting, we have been working to make this server a better community, i have not nor will not be quitting, i haven't been able to play here lately but will be back very soon hope to see everyone!
  7. Promotion 17/04/2016

    hope to see you soon wrighty congrats on the promotion!
  8. Promotion 12/04/2016

    congrats on the promotion bro hope to see you do well!
  9. I might quit.

    you aren't quitting anytime time soon, ill be back very soon myself I have been experiencing technical difficulties but I will be back very soon and will be back to being very active you cant quit on me
  10. Demotion 30/03/2016

    you will be missed ten, you were a part of this community and with you leaving a part of it will be gone. hope everything goes well for you, and hopefully I'll see you in game one day.
  11. Hey Everyone

    I just wanted to say that I have not quit, nor will I be quitting anytime soon. I have been having technical difficulties and will be back to playing in game fairly soon. thanks! P.S, If anyone needs any help feel free to message me on here or reply to this post!
  12. hi guys

    hey man nice to have you on the server, hope to see you in game soon. I believe once you meet and get to know the people of our community you will enjoy and won't be quitting any time soon!
  13. Promotion 25/03/2016

    I appreciate it guys! I will do my best to be the best server support I can be.
  14. Promotion/demotion 11/03/2016

    lmaooo lt nate killed feint with the 2nd "next joke" haha, congrats bro this is long overdo in my opinion!
  15. well damn

    I can't lie I've gotten kinda bored with playing any games here lately I guess ive been doing it to much, but I do have to say I do miss the seren community. I might talk a lot of sh** but when it all comes down to it, well for the most part if I fcked with you its because I liked you. but im not quiting im just taking a little break and tryna slow down a bit so I can get my head on my shoulders and not be so caught up in a game.