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Server updates 22/9/2016

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    Hello fellow players!


    Recently we have made new updates which include:


    H.A.M hideout cave - go Pickpocket yourself H.A.M specific clothers

    The cave can be accessed from the trapdoor located in house ruins between Lumbridge castle and Draynor village.


    You can now select up or down to go up/down from the ladders. (Example lumbridge castle middle floor).


    Please suggest what more updates would you like in this thread :)


    Thanks, Mod Est.

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    Place holders in banks. A way to train dungeoneering/construction without hoping for an effigy from voting. Or just taking it out. Fresh home might be nice, but that's always debatable. Still would be cool to do some kind of lottery. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

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