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General client fixes

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Lots of people appear to be having trouble getting their client started, or even logging in in-game, so here are some easy fixes.

*Please Note*
The fixes below are based upon Windows. Although most fixes will work for OS X, some may not and locations of certain folders will be in different places. You'll need to talk to somebody ese about your issues if you're using OS X as I have no experience with the system.

Common Error Messages:
1. "Connection Error: Retrying in - "
2. "Error Connecting To Server"
3. "Your Client Is Outdated"
4. "You Have Been Banned"
5. "SerenPS Has Been Updated"
6. Your client doesn't load AT ALL.
7. Your client is blank (just a grey client)
8. Cache partially loads but refreshes/wont fully load.
9. Your client won't load as a Java Application.
10. "Sorry, an error occurred whilst loading Runescape" (
11: SerenPS Auto-Updater Closes (
Here are some simple fixes:

Error Message 1: If you're experiencing "Connection Error: Retrying in - " then this is a problem with your SerenPS Cache, this normally means the cache hasen't downloaded properly (not your fault), here's a simple fix:

Step 1: Open File Explorer
Step 2: Navigate your way to: C:\Users\YOUR_PC_NAME\.SerenPS
Step 3: Delete .SerenPS (.SerenPS-data can stay, it has no effect on this issue).
Step 4: Re-download the latest SerenPS Client from forums.
Step 5: Re-Run SerenPS Client and your client should successfully load.

Error Message 2: This error message (Error connecting to server) can mean multiple things. A: The server is offline, B: You're internet won't allow you to connect to the server, C: You've been IP/UID banned, D: The client is outdated and the list goes on. Some fixes can be:
Step 1: Try downloading the latest client from forums.
Step 2: Try resetting your modem.
Step 3: Check to see if any firewall rules are blocking you access.
Step 4: Ask a moderator on forums is there are any punishments against your account/IP address.

Error Message 3: "Your client is outdated". This simply means there has been an update and you don't have the most recent client. Simple fix:
Step 1: Download the latest client from forums.

Error Message 4: "You have been banned". This means the account you're trying to login to has been banned for whatever reason it may be. Contact a staff on forums & they will assist you as best as they can.

Error Message 5:"SerenPS Has Updated". This means that SerenPS has just gone through an update. Simple fix:
Step 1: Relaunch the client.
Step 2: (If this still occurs) Download the latest client from forums
Step 3: Launch the latest client.

Error 6: Your client simply doesn't launch. I haven't seen this happen yet, however it does quite often occur when running Java clients.
1st of all make sure that you have java.
Step 1. Download the latest client from the forums and drag it to your desktop then rename it to "SerenPS.jar"
Step 2. Open a notepad, Drag it to your desktop and type this:
java -jar SerenPS.jar
Step 3. Once you've done that, save it, and then change the file name to SerenPS.bat
Step 4. Open the .bat file OR open the SerenPS.jar file.

If this doesn't work, take a screenshot of the command prompt that is open & send me the screenshot of the error message.

*This allows you to view a few Advanced Settings (Eg. Your ping ms to the server and a few debugging tools).*

Error 7: Simply follow the same steps in Error Message 1.

Error 8: Simply follow the same steps in Error Message 1.

However, if you're using a mac/OS X this could be a possible fix (Credits to Ryan):
Quote Originally Posted by Ryan View Post

1. Close your client
2. Open terminal
3. Enter the following command:
rm -R ~/.SerenPS
4. Bless up
5. Load your client again
Error 9: Follow the below steps:

Error 10:
"Sorry, an error occurred whilst loading Runescape"

Simply follow the steps in Error Message 1.

Error 11: SerenPS Auto-Updater Closes ([/COLOR]
1. Open command prompt (windows start button, type cmd in search)
2. Enter:
3. Reload the client!
If these steps don't work & you're still having trouble, message a staff member (or even myself) & We/I will try to assist you as best as possible.

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Thank you for posting this, but seren client is a bit different. The loader auto updates the client, when game updates, all you have to do is restart the client. If you want to keep the thread, please change everything to SerenPS instead of SpawnPK.


Thanks, Kevin.

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