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Achievements shop

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Achievements are some kind of game play tasks. All players have the same list.

There are 95 achievements, divided in four levels:

  • 24 easy
  • 22 medium
  • 24 hard
  • 25 elite


Completing achievements will reward you a specific amount of points.
Points can also be given after completing daily tasks.

Where to spend my points?

There is one achievement shop, accessible by trading the NPC Sir Amik Varze:


Sir Amik Varze is walking around at the West of Entrana (::home), but he also has a twin at Edgeville:

1pt6csK.png      nyP6i0M.png

What is it really worth buying?


  • Bonecrusher is a must to have when doing PvM, as it will automatically bury looted bones. - 60 points
  • New crystal shield gives higher defence bonus than a basic spirit shield. - 65 points
  • New crystal bow is as good as a magical bow, the difference being that it doesn't use any arrows. - 65 points
  • Magic secateurs increase the chances of receiving more herbs. - 45 points
  • Pets only give affection to lonely players. - 60 80 85 points
  • All the other items don't have their bonus yet.


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When using the bone crusher. do i have to equip it and kill the enemy with it or can it just lay in my inventory while i kill it with a normal weapon.

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