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Server update 12/06/2017

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    Dear Seren players!

    There have been several "hidden" updates which changed many things to do with NPC-s on the server.

    These updates allow us to make all kinds of custom features for bosses and other creatures.

    As an example we have coded mechancs for Tormented demons.

    Feel free to test them out :)

    Current Tormented demons features:

    1) They switch prayers depending what attack you use on them.

    2) When they "Roar" they switch attack styles.

    3) They have a fire shield which protects them from 60% of the damage you do.

    4) Fire shield can be disabled for 60 seconds with successful hit with holy water or darklight.


    This is just the start. All bosses will be revised one by one and proper mechanics added.


    Thanks, Kevin.


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