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Seren "2.0"

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Dear Players,

Hello, long time no see, I hope everyone is doing fine!

This thread is based on my personal opinions  & assumptions through it, these opinions & assumptions are my own and do not represent that of the staff team, please bare in mind a lot of this is based off what I remember from when I left, if I state something that is wrong or has been updated feel free to tell me so.

When we first started Graardor (which is now Seren), in March 2013 which was initially started by Mod Kit & I we had the intentions to create a familiar feeling RuneScape Private Server, when we approached Mod Est and changed our name to Seren and scrapped our from scratch server & we went for a more unique style of server, this was my choice and I feel as if it was the wrong choice to make. I can only apologize for that sincerely.

Before I left Seren the second time, majority of my code was sloppy & untested for reasons that are irrelevant now, looking back at it, I was just being petty and childish, there was still a lot of aspects of the game that needed to be addressed, from the top of my head, these are what I remember:

  • Combat as a whole, even now whilst doing some testing the combat still feels a bit "meh" although I'm aware NPC's now have proper combat scripts that isn't where the issue lays, it's delayed hits, animations etc, etc.
  • The home location, I remember we went through atleast 4 homes when I was here last, and that's silly of me because I wanted a more "unique feel" and blanked the communities ideas.
  • The daily task system
    • I could go on for hours about how silly I wrote this, I'm not sure how it looks now, but it isn't ideal, I know how I would address this now.
    • The rewards for some tasks were either OP or not worth your time.
  • The achievement system
    • This was new and cool back then, but looking back at it, it's honestly awful with RNG based achievements and not even a lot of achievements at that, repetitive and boring.
  • Skills
    • A lot of the skills were repetitive even though we could easily the mapdata and the have the knowledge to expand them accordingly, to make them less of a grind, these skills as far as I remember.
    • Some skills were way too fast and some were way too slow.
    • Majority of skills did not yield decent rewards to make them worth doing.

The list can go on for hours, and there's no-one to blame apart from myself and my naive attitude and focus, I left Mod Est to do this on his own, that wasn't fair on anybody.

So here's the list of changes that I'm proposing to everyone, feedback can be posted here and will be taken into account strongly, I want to give old players a reason to play again and new players a reason to play.

Modernization & Expansions

  • A fresh new look and feel of the client:
    • New login screen [WIP]
      • dvJSDlH.png
    • Introduce HD Textures
    • Update the particle effects.
    • Introduce a new array of resources, weapons, armours & jewelry.
    • Inroduce a new array of NPC's, both from Oldschool & Pre-EOC.
  • Changing the overall game play feel:
    • New Home
    • New Shops & Shop changes
    • Make use of maps that aren't currently in use
    • Introduce new maps.
    • New teleport locations
    • Expanding onto Skills, here's a few examples
      • Barbarian Fishing
      • Advanced Agility Courses
      • Jadinko Lair (Hunter & Herblore)
    • New Minigames
      • Warrior's Guild
      • Pest Control
        • Introduce Medium & Veteran boats for more points (Double for Medium, Triple for Veteran)
      • Desert Treasure miniquest (same as the books)
      • Curse Prayer Miniquest (same as the books)

Overall, create a more familiar game play so new players don't feel alienated by the outdated game that Seren currently is, and so our older players don't feel as if the game is stale, I know what we need to do, but we need to do this both as a team & a community, I have plenty of ideas, but these are just a few that I can name off the top of my head.

Thanks for reading,

Seren Administration Team.

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