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How to become an Iron Man


Upon new account creation, before you enter the tutorial, you will be prompted with a brief dialogue from Max.


Max will offer you to become an Iron Man, if you choose not to, you will continue with the normal tutorial, if you choose yes, you will given the standard starter kit, with this additional items will be added to your bank:


  • Sacred Clay Helmet
  • Sacred Clay Platebody
  • Sacred Clay Platelegs
  • Sacred Clay Scimitar

Sacred Clay equipment can be morphed into other forms of the armour, the order goes:


  • Melee to Ranged
  • Ranged to Magic
  • Magic to Melee

Armour Sets

  • Melee equipment
    • The Melee equipment is the equivalent to Iron Equipment
  • Magic equipment
    • The Magic equipment is the equivalent to Blue Wizard Equipment, with the exception of the staff being the equivelent to an Air Battlestaff.
  • Ranged equipment
    • The ranged equipment is the equivalent to Snakeskin, with the exception the Bow is the equivalent to a normal Short bow without the arrow requirement.




Ironmen are unable to reclaim voting rewards, however you will be given a ticket (and still get the voting achievements), these voting achievements can be used on other players (even your own accounts) which the other player will receive a vote box, these tickets can not be used on other Iron Men.



  • PvP
  • Duel Arena
  • Lottery
  • Exchanging Artefacts
  • Nomad

Will be completed whilst becoming an Iron Man.



Iron Men will not be able to:
  • Open vote boxes
  • Attack Other Players
  • Loot other players items
  • Duel
  • Trade
  • Become a Donator
  • Allow christmas crackers to be used on them
  • Allow vote tickets to be used on them
  • Enter the lottery
  • Co-op slayer.
  • Enter Fight Pits.

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