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Rank explanation

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Owners are mainly responsible for ensuring that SerenPS stays updated, online and stable. Most of time they also are developers. They lead the different staff members.

6i6uovw.png?1Community Manager

Their responsiblity is to keep an eye on the other staff members. They also lead moderators and server supports, and of course are in charge of the the community, events and social media platforms.


Developer is responsible to fix the bugs and add new content and overall keep the server updated. They sometimes communicate via developer blog or Q&A.





Administrative helps Owner, Community Manager to manage the server and forums.


UcFdRZC.pngServer Moderator

Server moderator is supposed to punish all the rule breakers/warn them. And of course assist the players, if they need any help or have some problems regarding to the server.

0e1RIAw.gif?1Forum Moderator

I already mentioned the Forum Moderator role on above. So their main duty is to keep the forums clean and infract the rule breakers and help the new users on the forums, if they need help.

vztWJ93.pngServer Support

Server Support main role is just to assist the players and try his best to solve their problem both in-game and the forums.

VR05TU5.pngGuide Writer

A guide writer is a member who creates guides for Seren. A player can earn this rank as long as they have written a minimum of five guides. These guides must present a specific quality in order for the rank to be given.


i2NJg2Z.pngRetired Staff

A member who has been a staff member and has obtained the minimum rank of a moderator for at least 2 months. Retired staff members have greatly contributed to the well-being of the server, and are only Retired staff members because they chose to resign.


A veteran is a member who has consistently played at least one year, and has a forum account with a join date that proves so. In addition to earn this rank, you must have a current total playtime of 60 hours or above.


YOjwq7x.pngLegendary Donator

You will recieve this rank after donating 500$ to the game.

gke39hw.pngExtreme donator

You will recieve this rank after donating 250$ to the game.

r1M2yIi.pngSuper Donator

You will recieve this rank after donating 50$ to the game.


You will recieve this rank after donating 10$ to the game.

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