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1. PEST CONTROL- you can find pest control also known as "pc" under the mini-games telliport, once here you will see a dock with a  boarding ramp you must cross the plank onto the boat in order to be involved in pc. you will need atleast a minimum of 3 people in order for the game to start, once the game has started you must destroy all of the portal in the givin time frame "4minutes" or the game will be considered a loss. in order for you to receive pc points during the game you must do damage to the portals, if you have done this you will receive 25 points per game. you can save up points for void/korsai/ void recommendations (which is a must if you plan on using a korsai)


2. BARBARIAN ASSAULT- okay well barbarian assault isn't like the regular barb assault you are used to, in barbarian assault all you have to do is kill the level 23's which you will receive 1 point for each kill and also the level 122's which you will receive 2 points for killing. the fastest method to receiving points is to only kill the lvl 23's which only have 22 hp each and easy for lower level players. the items you can receive from doing barb assault is fighter torso/penace gloves/ penace skirt/ boots of lightness/ fighter helm/ healer helm/runner helm.


i hope this little mini games guide helps thos who need it!

thank you for reading!

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